At SOLOMONIDIS DENTAL CARE CLINIC we believe in healthy and happy smiles!

The team believes in the virtue of a beautiful and healthy smile. While focusing on serving our patients effectively, our top priority is a painless and effective treatment, which is achieved by complying with the following principles: 1. Preparation of a personalized treatment after taking into account the diagnostic examinations and the patient’s special needs, informing him beforehand for the appropriate treatment. The duration of the treatment directly depends on the aproach our team has adopted for each individual case. 2. Comprehending the special needs of our patients during the session. 3. We are constantly informing our patients on the progress of the treatment, while emphasizing the importance of prevention. 4. We use state of the art dental equipment and infrastructure. 5. We pay utmost attention to sterilizing our tools and decontaminating all surfaces of the clinic. 6. We are working together with experienced and reputable dental technicians 7. We make appointments even on Saturdays until the evening and give our patients the ability to reschedule an appointment up until 24 hours before the arranged date, even via e-mail. 8. We offer 7 years guarantee for all treatments. With our basic priority to train our patients to maintain a proper oral hygiene and showing them methods to prevent problems in the future, we encourage them to do precautionary check ups, offering personalized treatment plans accessible to all and flexible payment schedules specially created for families. We act accordingly to Hippocrates’ quote “Preventing is better than treating”.