• Brush your teeth the right way , 3 times a day, especially after eating sweets.
  • For the first few days (and after you get your braces tightened), eat soft foods. Some examples of soft foods include scrambled eggs,pasta, smoothies, and soups. You also want to cut your food into small pieces.
  • Avoid certain foods. Common sense will direct you in deciding what you foods you shouldn’t eat. You don’t want pieces of food getting stuck to your braces, so you should avoid hard foods, sticky foods, and foods high in sugar.
  • If you experience intense pain, do mouth-washing with cold water. It’s time for ice cream !!!
  • If you are involved in sports activities, you will need to wear a special protective splint, which will be manufactured in the clinic.
  • Don’t forget that your diet should be healthy and fully balanced (milk, meat, fruit, vegetables etc).
  • If something goes wrong contact the clinic & book an appointment if it’s necessary