Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing or damageg teeth. The implant which is made of titanium, is fitted in the bone where the tootht’s root would normally be.A crown can be placed on the base of implant in order to replace the missing tooth.A dental implant can be used even just after the tooth extraction!The initial procedure lasts around 15 minutes and is usually done under local anaesthetic.It takes about 2-4 months for the implant to fully integrate withe the bone of the jaw.In Solomonidis Dental Care, you can have any number of teeth replaced by implants without any pain in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

The next step the patient is interested in is when he is going to have the porcelain tooth (implant’s loading). The loading protocol is decided by the doctor evaluating the quality and quantity of the bone plus all the particularities of the case.





Replacing lost or missing teeth is very important both for your health and your appearance.

A partial or full denture replaces your natural teeth and gives support to your cheeks and lips, so you can enjoy a healthy diet, look great and smile with confidence.Todays’ dentures look very realistic and are comfortable to wear.Solomonidis Dental Care recommends a very good quality dentures that can be used all the time – you don’t need to take them out at night!

Though, it is very important to remember that even with full dentures, you still need of your mouth and of the prosthesis, especially if you want to wear them all day and all night long.A very good solution for a patient can be an overdenture based on natural teeth or on implants.The result is really nice as you gain stability and confidence.



Inlays, Onlays & Overlays

Inlay, onlay, overlay and pinlay are types of restorative prosthesis that fall somewhere between fillings and dental crowns. In other words, these microdentures are used to restore cavities that are too large for fillings but can be managed without installing crowns. This is a conservative treatment and is preferred over crowns as they help to preserve more of the natural tooth structure.