Many people are under the impression that dentistry is a luxury during an era of economic recession. The founding principle of the clinic is to destroy this myth. With detailed inspection of the points that need to be improved on your smile and with the use of advanced techniques, we get the desired outcome offering solutions to our patients regardless of their economic state, so that dentistry finally becomes an enjoyable experience. - Dr. George Solomonidis

Dr. George Solomonidis

Date /Place of birth: 19/07/1975, Athens, Greece

Edu-Skills :

  • DDS  at State Medical Academy of Tver, Russia.
  • Owner-Dentist at Solomonidis Dental Care.

Working Experience


  • BA on General Dentistry at the State Medical Academy of Tver, Russia


  • Seminar on Deep Bite method (ALEXANDER DISCIPLINE) at Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • MSc – Specialisation in Orthodontics at the State Medical Academy of Tver, Russia


  • 5th World Congress of European society on lingual orthodontics at Brussels.


  • Participation in Vienna-Austria Dental School, Austria.2011-2012
  • 2nd International Conference “Combined Approaches to Modern Dentistry” Moscow, Russia.
  • Seminar on CLEAR-ALIGNER at the Shue Dental Technology, Germany.
  • Orthodontic seminar in craniofacial dysfunctions at the Vienna-Austria Dental School, Austria.2012-12015
  • Special Seminar on Custom Dentistry at the Vienna Dental School, Austria.
  • Mcs Computerized Axiography


  • Anaplastic Techniques Part 1: Seminar on Bone Collection, Regeneration and Surgery Techniques at the International Implantology and Oral Surgery Center, Olsberg, Germany
  • Anaplastic Techniques Part II: Seminar on bone grafts and soft tissue management at the International Implantology and Oral Surgery Center Olsberg, Germany.
  • Seminar “Combined Dentistry in Craniofacial Disorders” Athens.
  • Participation in the 1st International Symposium: Soft Tissue Management around teeth and implants Milan, Italy.